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So Im getting ready to purchase a new head unit for my truck right now I have a older pioneer single din dvd receiver. I've always had pioneer or alpine. But now Im thinking about These Kenwood Excelon DDX790.
The shop thats saleing the head unit are asking 489.99. Anyone have this unit or excelon model in there runner? What are your thoughts likes and dislikes.


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i've heard some great things about the new kenwood double dins but i've never had one myself. pioneer is the way to go as far as single dins go though. can't beat pioneers single dins for the price! my alpine double din only really compared to my pioneer after installing the audio processor which all together costs a fortune. look for something with 4 or 5 volt preouts and a good equalizer. makes a huge difference if your running a powerful sub amp combo like i am
Im not looking for anything crazy. I do have after market speakers in my truck. that i would like to get better sound out of. I have a box and subs i have laying around that im debating about putting in. but not really sure what kinda amp i need to power the speakers and subs. the subs are the old JL w6. they are in great condition so i figured i could still use them.


Pioneer's AVH X3500 does just as much the Kenwood at only around $400. Or you can pickup last year's model AVH P3400 for even less. If you want a USB port on the front I'd opt for the P3400 . The wife runs this in her Xterra and loves it. I run the model from 2 years ago.

New cars have given a great revitalization to the double din market. I remember when a plain jane hunk of junk cost over $600. Now look at the stuff that is coming out.
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Those kenwoods are sloooooowww. Be prepared to wait a solid 5 seconds or so between each screen tap or button press.
Well after reading a few reviews on the pioneers and how they are having problems with the iPhone5 I'm starting to lean more towards the kenwood. I would rather have the head unit be compatiable with my phone then not recognize it at all. Everywhere I read it was how people were having problems with the iPhone 5 not being able to recognize it. to there appradio being a pile.