Wierd noise under cab


I recently started to get a wierd like slapping noise under the cab when the truck starts to go only when i floor it.. Or when i have extra weight in the bed .. I change out the bearing that in between the axel thinking it was that but kinda lost of ehat it could be... Everthing the same the only thing i change was the tranny but that was from another xrunner . ? Im super lost please help


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If you use the 4 x 4 u joints, there are zerk fittings so they can be greased in the future.


Ok so indid the others and the front one was bad the rear one not so bad still life but change all of them and still does it.. ? Can it be becuase of the axel not being balanced?


Mmmm dont have a youtube account it only does it when i high rpm it like slaps kinda like vibrating i was told maybe the nuts or acrews broken?


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There's no way for anyone to internet diagnose a noise without hearing it. It's hard enough to do it with a video.


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How about the exhaust heat shields under the truck? They could be slightly bent and rubs when the system vibrates under load.


Maybe a bolt is not completely seated on the crossmember or transmission mount. Do you get just noise or a ton of vibration as well?