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Looking for a replacement for the front grill trim for a 2010 black Xrunner. Will pay reasonable rates plus shipping. God bless you guys!
If I would have know you were looking for another xrunner. I should have come on this site...would have been able to keep it In the xr family
I used to be on here years ago as BlackXrunner05. I've forgotten my password and the reset never works. My email for that account is Chrisxrb05@aol.com. The reset email never comes, not even to my junk folder.
Cal Frez
Cal Frez
Reset does not function. Have to create a new account and email. Write everything down on a piece of paper.
Any one can help me understand what the RB-1 option is when trying to order the urd Spec u headers?
the blk. work trk has 423.000 miles giving it a week off front end wiped out change it all
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blu xr
blu xr
is this black work truck an xr?