Long Awaited Sway Bar Group Buy

Discussion in 'XII Performance' started by BondXII, Feb 13, 2018.

By BondXII on Feb 13, 2018 at 7:10 PM
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    Yup...I said it. As requested, a group buy for you guys and gals...with a bit of a catch.

    For now, this is a “feeler” post.

    We are finally catching up on things around here. On top of that, we have a new rep for the company that makes them for us. Once they have everything situated on their end, we should be good with making this official. We are currently waiting on them to give us price quotes. Hopefully they will be unchanged from last year. To not jump the gun, we are waiting for official quotes so we can post an official group buy price for you guys. We’ll keep everyone posted on this thread until we get the prices. After that, we’ll make a new official group buy post.

    For now, let’s get a list of those interested so we can get a game plan together. Our goal is the same as last time. Need a minimum of 10 sets to make the order. Do not care if it is a mix of front, rear, and full sets. Just need to be able to add it all together and see 10 full sets. Put your handle and if you are getting front, rear, or both.

    1. BondXII - front (yes, I need a new front...don’t ask. LOL)
    2. Hard Taco - front/rear
    3. SgtBadA - front/rear
    4. Sonic555u - front/rear
    5. SOHCmyDOHC - front/rear
    6. TitanRattler813 - front/rear
    7. Kevin S. - front/rear
    8. Captainkimhawk - front/rear
    9. Slowcomax - front/rear
    10. Lino - front/rear
    11. Radracer_x - front/rear
    12. D34DM0053 - front/rear
    13. Tan Nguyen - front/rear
    14. Arcenik - front/rear
    15. Autobutcher - front/rear

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Discussion in 'XII Performance' started by BondXII, Feb 13, 2018.

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