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XRU INFO Information regarding Vendor Forums

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Dec 10, 2006
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There has been some confusion in the past regarding the vendor sub-forums here at XR-Underground.com so we decided to create a thread just to clear the air.

The vendor sub-forums here at XR-Underground.com are leased and managed by the vendors themselves. They are allowed to post any information at all (X-Runner specific or not) in that space so long as it conforms with the overall rules and guidelines of the forum. The vendors have moderator rights to their own sub-forum and are allowed to manage that space as they desire. They are not bound in any way by the rules that govern the XRU staff.

Also the XRU staff will rarely, if ever, intervene with the vendors sub-forums and posts. The only exception is if a thread gets way out of hand and the vendor is not managing the situation themselves. At that time, it is the duty of the XRU staff to either delete the posts in question or close the thread all together.

Please realize that the vendor sub-forums are essentially the vendors on site - they lease that space as part of their vendor agreement here at XRU. XRU does not necessarily agree with the actions or comments made by the vendors or users within those sub-forums.

Hopefully this information will help users understand a bit better how and why the vendor sub-forums are managed.
Not open for further replies.
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