Write-Up: Center Console Button


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Well the other day I went to put something in my center console and when I let go of the button it shot across my lap. Took me about 20 mins or so to find the tiny spring that goes inside it. When I examined it further I noticed that the 2 plastic tabs that hold it in the tracks had broke. I went to the stealership to find out how much it would cost to purchase a new button and to no surprise they do not offer the button by itself, you have to purchase a whole new center console for $200+.

So here's what I did to fix it.

What you'll need:
Phillips screwdriver
Set Screws


First you need to remove the underside of the console lid (I think it was 5 phillips head screws) then you'll need to remove the button tracks which is just another 2 phillips.

I got a couple set screws and drilled out the spots where the tabs used to be. Then tapped it for the set screws (doesn't matter what pattern you have). You don't even really need to tap it but I had a drill and tap set that I haven't used in awhile. Once you get the holes drilled put those set screws in (make sure not to put them in too far or not far enough, do a test fit before reinstall). Then do your test fit and if everything is working correctly apply the locktite. Once dry place button back in tracks and install is reversal of removal, then it's good as new working better than ever and you just saved $200+. Hope this helps everyone.


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Mines been broke like that for years. Actually I've had the set screws to fix it like that for years also just sitting in the console. I'm lazy I guess lol. Nice write up though. Saw one similar to this on tacoma world but this one is simpler.


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yep, mine did this as well and dealership wanted $700 for entire new console!

swapped in an excellent condition one from a junkyard for $200